Links to Projests

Multimedia (Spring 2011) | Dr. Hashemi
  • Researching about Scalability (Temporal and Spatial) in MVC (Multi-view Video Coding)

  • Programming simple motion estimation algorithm in MATLAB

  • Programming DCT & Quantization in MATLAB

  • Programming Floyd-Steinberg algorithm in MATLAB

  • Programming DCT & Quantization in MATLAB

Microprocessors (Spring 2011) | Dr. Fatemi
  • Designing and implementing a remote control robot using AVR Microcontroller

  • Implementing Chronometer

Internet Engineering (Spring 2011) | Mr. Nayebi
  • Programming website using

  • Designing and programming simple shopping website using PHP, javascript, and ajax

  • Designing and programming website like, using PHP, in SimpleMVC framework

Operating Systems Lab (Spring 2011) | Dr. Yazdani
  • Changing source code of the Linux kernel to log every ICMP reply message by creating patch file

  • Programming kernel module using c in Linux, which hides processes of the system from user

System Analysis and Design (Spring 2011) | Dr. Khosravi
  • Implementing a web application for a reserving food system using PHP, Smarty (PHP Template Engine), and Apache Tomcat

Operating Systems (Fall 2010) | Dr. Kargahi
  • Designing a multi-thread client/server program in Linux

  • Designing and implementing stack Kernel module using g++ in Linux

  • Working with Nachos (instructional software for teaching undergraduate)

Digital Logic Design (Lab) (Summer 2010 and Fall 2009) | Dr. Navvabi
  • Designing and implementing a simple calculator in Verilog and using FPGA for testing

  • Designing simple processing element using Verilog

Computer Architecture (Spring 2010) | Dr. Noori
  • Designing Single Cycle, Multi Cycle, and Pipelined Processors using Verilog

  • Designing simple MIPS-like CPU simulator using Verilog

  • Implementing Generic Baugh-Wooley Multiplier and 8×8 Booth Multiplier in Verilog

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 2010) | Dr. Asadpour
  • Programming the important algorithms such as Dynamic Programming, Greedy, BFS, DFS, backtracking, Max Flow

Data Structures and Algorithms (Spring 2010) | Dr. Feili
  • Designing and Programming intelligent Loopy game in java

Foundation of Information Technology (Spring 2010) | Mr. Kharrat
  • Searching for ‘Usage of Search Engines in Web 2.0,’

Advanced Programming (Spring 2009) | Mr. Abedi-nejad
  • Designing and Programming a multithread and multiuser chat server/client, using C++

  • Designing and Programming graphical games in Linux, using SDL library

  • Designing and Programming simple desktop and some system files in Linux operating systems, using SDL library

  • Implementing simple BigInteger Class in g++

Other (Summer 2010)
  • Designing and Programming a web-based application for registering ACM Software Bank’s CDs with PHP/MySQL